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Wedding Cakes

A wedding day is traditionally the most important day of a woman’s life. For more than a decade, Ms. Myrtle’s Bakery Shoppe has been dedicated to insuring that your family and guests enjoy your wedding cake as much as you do.

Every wedding cake we create, from the smallest to the largest, receives the same attention to detail. We insist that the highest quality ingredients be used in your cake. Each cake is baked fresh by an experienced baker who is driven by passion.

Cake styles, flavors and fillings may differ to meet your individual tastes, but our quality remains the same.  Regardless of the arrangement of your cake, whether your request is to have fresh flowers, sugar flowers or a handmade sugar bow to adorn your cake, we will make sure it is prepared to your specific taste. There are many decisions to be made in planning your wedding and reception. It is the desire of Ms. Myrtle’s Bakery Shoppe to make your reception memorable with an exquisite cake that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

Other Cakes for that Special Occasion

Groom's Cakes

Don’t forget your significant other! With its roots in Southern tradition, the groom’s cake has been around for quite some time now.

Traditionally, the groom’s cake was sliced and boxed for the unmarried girls attending the wedding. She would take it home and place it under her pillow, hopeful that the man she dreamt of would become her future husband. Today the cake is meant to be a reflection of the groom’s interest, hobbies, favorite sports, profession or anything else he enjoys.

Our groom’s cakes can be designed to include a myriad of ideas, from baseball caps to beer cans. These cakes are priced individually, based on the complexity of the design.

Reception Table Cakes

These small cakes are used as centerpieces to help personalize your wedding reception. They are an excellent way to add variety to your wedding or special event. They also provide fulfillment for a guest list with a wide range of palates. Instead of a vase of flowers or a mirrored candle arrangement, treat your guest to these edible centerpieces. As in the words of Marie Antoinette, you can really “Let them eat cake!

Kitchen Cakes

These cakes are an economical way for you to provide additional servings in order to accommodate a large guest list. Our kitchen cakes are 2 layer sheet cakes with 1 layer of filling. These cakes are kept in the kitchen or back area until ready to be cut and served to your guest.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes

A cupcake wedding cake can add a whimsical touch to an already enjoyable situation.  Like a wedding cake, they can be customized to match the  color and theme of your wedding. Your guest are sure to appreciate the  originality.

Flavor Options

Cake Flavors

  • Heavenly Butter
  • Traditional White
  • Decadent Chocolate
  • Divine Sour Cream
  • Homestyle Lemon
  • Scrumptious Strawberry
  • Velvety Red Velvet
  • Old Fashion Spice
  • Carrot Deluxe
  • Irresistible Italian Cream
  • German Chocolate
  • Marvelous Marble


  • Vanilla Butter Cream
  • Cream Cheese
  • Almond Butter Cream
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Chocolate Butter Cream
  • Amaretto Butter
  • Vanilla Fondant
  • Chocolate Fondant
  • Pecan & Coconut


  • Cream Cheese
  • Vanilla Butter Cream
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Mocha
  • Raspberry
  • Coconut Cream
  • White Chocolate
  • Almond
  • Amaretto
  • Lemon Curd
  • Pecan Praline

Wedding Cake Details

Booking Your Date

To allow adequate time for us to give your cake special attention, we limit the number of wedding cakes booked on a specific date, therefore we recommend booking your wedding cake at least six months to a year in advance, but no later than three weeks prior to the date. Remember, it is better to book sooner than later.

The Promise

We know this is a joyous time for you, which is why we aim to be a stress-free part of your planning process. It is our promise to help make your special day, a day you will always remember.


Our wedding cakes are priced per serving, taking into consideration, complexity and detailing. After we have met with you to discuss the specifics of your cake and the number of guest you want the cake to feed, then and only then can we provide you with a final quote for your cake.

Our cakes come with 2 layers of cake and 1 layer of filling. However, we can tort your cake with 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling. This is a more labor intensive process, which can be provided at an additional fee. As a gift, your 6″ top cake tier is free, it is not included in the per serving cost. Traditionally, the top tier cake is saved, frozen and kept until 1st year anniversary.

Tasting & Initial Consultation

When you meet with us, we will take the time to truly understand your cake dreams.  We will discuss your ideas, offer suggestions, and answers your questions, all while you sample a variety of our delicious cakes, fillings and icings. After all, how do you really know the quality of a baker, unless you taste their cakes? At the completion of your wedding cake consultation, you will have a price estimate, understanding of our cake quality and a feeling of trust in our abilities and service.

Let Ms. Myrtle’s Bakery Shoppe make your special day even more special with a cake tailored to your specific and unique taste.

Flavor Options

You can mix and match cake flavors and fillings, but keep in mind, some fillings and frostings do not pair well with certain cake flavors.  During this process we will offer recommendations so that your cake will be enjoyable for both you and your guest.